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Our Seattle

Core Values:

Public Safety (Support Police) and Election Integrity:


Make Your Voice Heard!

Republican 36th District meeting is on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 A.M.

Razzi’s Pizzeria in Greenwood (downstairs in the Party Room)
8523 Greenwood Ave N. Seattle


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Building Successful Seattle needs a CHANGE





Ideas help

Seattle wants a new way of thinking.

Planning help

Seattle needs citizens to help in the planning.

Action is what we want!

Seattle citizens want action.

Making an Impact

Do you want Seattle to look like this!

The Current Seattle City Council has not made Seattle a great place to live in. 

Join us to improve Seattle.


Woodland Park Homeless


Ballard Common Park

The Right Choice

JOIN NOW. This is the right time to change Seattle.

Featured of Seattle

We are against Washington State Income tax.

A great leader In Seattle Government

How to make Seattle improvements.

  • Seattle citizen must be safe to walk on the streets.

  • Seattle citizen need a safe place to live in.

  • Seattle citizen need a place to work at.

  • Seattle citizen need a great environment.

Seattle citizens want Seattle to go different direction.

“I want affordable housing for Seattle citizens.”

Janet Renolds

“I think we are already paying enough taxes.”

Sara Blankenship

Reach Us

By email or facebook.

Pay to the: 36th Legislative District Republican Party 

Mail to: 36th Legislative District Republican Party
P. O. Box 9321
Seattle, WA 98109-0321

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